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Unlock the Possibilities of Managed AWS Cloud Hosting with Future Cloud Experts. Get expert assessment and consultation, pay-as-you-go billing, high Performance. Don't settle for generic solutions - Amazon has everything you need, crafted with your unique needs in mind. Benefit from Amazon’s premier performance, scalability, and reliability today!

Reduce Monthly Expenditure

With careful budgeting, you can substantially reduce your monthly expenses by avoiding overspending on cloud resources.

AWS Best Practices

With 200+ technical certifications, our certified engineers follow best practices to configure your AWS resources, without any hiccups.

Dedicated 1-2-1 Support

Our AWS certified engineers are available 24x7 providing you with dedicated and customized support to keep your business running without any technical hurdles.

Security Compliance Management

We ensure that your business meets regulatory compliances and government regulations while designing your cloud architecture.

Deploy Business Globally

Increase your business footprint globally with Amazon Business Cloud resources. Our expert engineers will manage them all for you.

Rightsize Your Resources

Wisely adjust your resources for maximum efficiency with load balancing between servers and cloud technology. Get just the right amount of capacity when it's needed most.

Other Cloud Computing Services We Offer

We can also help you plan your entire IT strategy to optimize the benefits of the cloud, from modernization journeys, to operations planning, business and process automation, and agile adoption. We also assist, guide, and advise on architecture best practices and help govern large IT initiatives. The detailed services include:

​​IT Executive Advisory

Adopting cloud technologies is a long term commitment and affects more than infrastructure and code. Furthermore, motivating and articulating IT initiatives to non-technical board members can be difficult. Our experts can help you gain a better understanding of cloud technologies, identify which cloud hyperscaler best suites your business, help you decide whether you should go to the cloud, and motivate from a business perspective why.

Cloud Solutions Architecture:

With prior experience helping customers from small businesses to large multi-national enterprises, our cloud solutions architects specialize in cloud technologies. You've decided to move to the cloud, or have a large cloud optimization or modernization project looming? This is where our specialists can help you efficiently deliver a successful project following architecture best practises and drawing from a broad scope of practical experience.

Enterprise Architecture:

All successful IT initiatives require a clear understanding of your IT landscape. The same core understanding is required for implementing a successful security strategy, planning your backup and disaster recovery strategy, modernizing your IT landscape, or simply keeping you systems running optimally. Using industry leading technologies, standards, and processes, and drawing from specialist experience in the field, our cloud enterprise architects can help you keep your IT landscapes up to date, and catalogued.

Elevate your business with hassle-free Managed AWS Cloud Hosting

Managed AWS services by Future Cloud Experts are powered by our in-house cloud billing and service provisioning platform, RackNap.
  • Get in touch with our AWS expert team for a free consultation.
  • Send in your current infrastructure details to start the technical discussion.
Devising a proper plan before your cloud migration/deployment is very important.
  • Our team of AWS-certified engineers analyzes the complete application before AWS deployment.
  • AWS-certified experts design the solution and help decide on cloud architecture, including hybrid configurations.
  • They provide a full-proof strategy for migration and execution of the AWS cloud.
Armed with complete information about your cloud deployment and migration requirements, we build your infrastructure using fully managed AWS cloud services.
  • Our AWS-certified experts do automated installation of a scalable AWS cloud with a presence in multiple regions.
  • They deploy compliance and security controls.
  • They take care of cloud testing and performance optimization.
Experience the power of the AWS cloud, its flexibility, and its scalability that will meet your business environment completely.
  • We run your applications in the cloud with your defined escalation plans.
  • We continuously monitor performance to help optimize costs.
  • We help you move out of your legacy environments at your own pace

Get the IT Advice you need today!

Our team of IT pros are waiting in the wings to help you meet your business goals and see you stepping confidently into the future.