Azure Cloud Hosting Solutions & Support

We provide scalable end-to-end Azure Cloud Management Solutions for businesses. We have an in-depth understanding of the cloud and can help you make the most of the investment you have made. We can help you set up and manage your Azure cloud hosting. Where your website or software application is hosted can impact its performance and level of security protection. Place your cloud hosting in the trusted hands of our expert team – we will keep you operational and fully compliant with our Azure hosting solutions. The features of our cloud solutions include:
Continuous Compliance

Get better control of your security protocols and ensure that your Azure Cloud Services is compliant with all the regional and standard regulations.

Future-proof your Infrastructure

We help you build a scalable, flexible Azure Cloud Infrastructure that grows with you and easily adapts to your changing needs.

Easy Deployment

Deploy, monitor, and manage your Azure Cloud Services centrally from anywhere. We simplify deployment across cloud and physical environments.

Seamless Hybrid Environment

Step into the future of work and connect your team with our secure, advanced technology solutions so that they can connect from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Security

We provide fully integrated security features and protocols with our Azure Cloud solutions, protecting you against all cyber-attacks and ransomware.

AI and Machine Learning

Get daily, deep insights into your systems and network health with Azure’s deep learning solutions. It helps you predict and prevent future failures.

What is Microsoft Azure and How does it work?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a trusted platform used by highly regulated industries such as financial institutions and governments around the world. Azure provides a comprehensive hosting service and is a platform backed by cybersecurity experts. At Future Cloud Experts, we host all our applications on Microsoft Azure Cloud and have a team of Azure Cloud specialists ready to help with your website or web application cloud hosting needs. We also provide ongoing 24/7 support services with our Azure Cloud Solution Suite. You can rapidly move workloads between devices and the cloud, create continuous back and recovery options, and focus on your application by delegating routine system maintenance to our team. Get faster, fully managed access to Azure integrated tools and let the Future Cloud Experts create a seamless work environment for your organization.

Benefits Of Azure Cloud Hosting:

  • High availability to keep businesses operational
  • Ease of scalability to grow or shrink as demand requires
  • Secure backup, point in time recovery and robust disaster recovery for business continuity
  • Proactive monitoring for ongoing high performance and speed
  • Full flexibility and control of where data is located and who can access it
  • Built-in security protection for evolving online threats to keep websites, data and applications secure
  • Complete compliance for both local and global standards (i.e. GDPR, Security, Privacy, PCI, ISO)
  • Flexible processing power to businesses of all sizes should your application need to work harder

We can provide this same powerful Azure technology to all our customers regardless of the type and size of projects. With us, you can enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective managed cloud hosted solution in Azure that we can grow and shrink to meet the exact needs of your business.

All our Azure cloud hosting solutions include an SSL certificate, we secure all websites by default for user peace of mind and to benefit from search optimisation.

How our Azure Cloud Specialists can help

If your website or application is hosted on Azure, our team can help with the running of your cloud hosting and provide Azure-specific support. Future Cloud Experts can advise on the right Azure hosting and maintenance approach to suit your needs.

Azure Cloud Support & Maintenance

Future Cloud Experts can manage the maintenance of your Azure hosted website to ensure it continues to deliver a strong performance for your visitors. Our Azure support packages can be used for routine maintenance of your cloud hosted website to full system upgrades.

Our Microsoft Azure support and maintenance plans include:

  • Ongoing management, monitoring and auditing of your Azure hosting solution

  • Compliance with Search Engine requirements, annual security certification (SSL) and data privacy laws

  • Azure specialists to keep your website and application protected against evolving online threats

  • Monitoring performance to match usage changes and ensure visitors don’t experience down-time or slow page loading

Fully Managed Azure Cloud Hosting Services

The Microsoft Azure team at Future Cloud Experts can create a hosting, support and maintenance package that suits your needs and keep your website performing at its best. We support customer websites and applications across multiple time zones covering the UK, US and Canada.

Our Azure hosting services ensure customers are supported with subject-matter experts who manage all queries and any troubleshooting. Our cloud hosting team takes care of all your infrastructure needs, so you can be assured of having a compliant, secure and scalable Azure hosting solution that keeps you operational.

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