What is a SAP Consultant ?

There are a multitude of different software solutions designed for business needs, and a SAP Consultant is an expert in this software. SAP was a collaboration of five former IBM staff members in Germany, and the name is an acronym for German words: Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte, which means Systems Applications and Products. This software allows businesses to maintain their customer relationship management software (CRM), their supply chain management software (SCM), as well as managing their employee, financial, production records as well as their archived data. Providing professional consulting and integration of SAP ERP systems services is one of our main areas of expertise. Our team of consultants is well-known for its experience, developed over more than 15 years, advising on implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions, as well as the successful completion of implementation projects.

SAP Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Using the appliance delivery model it is necessary to define which tasks, concepts, and procedures are necessary for the ongoing operation of the SAP HANA appliance software and who is responsible in each case. Our catalog of SAP services begins with consulting services that focus on selecting the most appropriate solution for every need and in the design of the optimal implementation strategy. In order to do this, our consultants analyze each customer situation, and make the best proposal for each case, making the most from our extensive catalog of SAP solutions, in which we are experts.

Design and Implement SAP Solutions

SAP software is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and must be configured for each client’s individual needs. The first step in this process is understanding the customer’s business needs, their issues with their current software, as well as any possible limitations in using the system (such as lack of skill or system requirements). Then, the SAP Consultant builds the solution according to the industry, department and tasks it will be used for. They are in charge of writing programs for interfaces, forms and other specifications.

Propose Solutions

When clients face challenges with their current systems or encounter issues with the SAP software, they turn to the SAP Consultant to propose solutions to improve their operations. As such, a SAP Consultant must be current on the latest SAP offerings, updates and developments, so they can suggest the most up-to-date solution to the problem. Additionally, as clients may work in a variety of industries - such as finance, government, technology or other - the SAP Consultant must be knowledgeable in that field in order to recommend workable technical solutions.

Manage Personnel

A SAP Consultant may work in a team, supervising junior SAP Consultants. If that is the case, this individual will be responsible for recruiting qualified candidates, training them in the technical skills required to do the job, as well as the customer service approach each company requires of its staff.

We offer solutions that cater to specific target areas within the business environment ranging from Small to Medium Business (SMB) enterprises.

Advanced Threat Protection ATP

This is an ERP solution for small and medium business. It is available in cloud or on premises. We offer a choice of the two options as per your needs.

This product allows you to gain a greater control over your business as a management software solution by connecting and streamlining the processes. It has an added advantage of growing with the business.

You get to experience the following through use of this solution;

  • Instant reports- Sorts through data volumes in seconds, making ad-hoc reporting a possibility.
  • Easy “what if..” analysis on large volumes of current and historical data in real time.
  • Predefined SAP Business One Dashboards and SAP Business one Reports eg; perform instant cashflow analysis on real time data, or use available to promise, to advise customers when inventory items will be available for shipment.
  • Search any data in SAP Business one using SAP HANA enterprise search facility.
  • Enterprise –wide data search.
  • HANA specific dashboards.
  • Additional SAP Business One mobility features.
  • Cashflow forecasting.
  • Available to promise-with dynamic analysis.


This is an in memory database for medium enterprises which makes use of artificial intelligence to transform your business. Appropriate for medium to large enterprises available as a stand apart with intelligent ERP for enterprises. It is available in cloud, on premises and hybrid deployment.

This solution has the following features;

  • Addresses industry specific requirements and enables new business models as the market place evolves.
  • Revolutionizes business processes with intelligent automation supported by artificial intelligence and robotic automation.
  • Helps make better decisions faster with embedded analytics, conversational interface and digital assistants.
  • Meet your IT landscape goals with hybrid, on premise and in cloud scenarios that share a consistent data model, code line and user experience.

SAP Business by Design

An in the cloud business management solution designed for fast growing medium market businesses. This software enables the business to scale and compete with the large enterprises without the heavy cost of hosting on the premise enterprise ERP solutions.

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