Professional Business Email Signature

Create and manage company email signatures and marketing banner campaigns – simply, securely and at scale.

Use email signatures to fill your sales funnel, generate new leads, cross-sell and up-sell. Integrate with your CRM. Receive real-time engagement alerts.

Customer Service

Gather feedback with one-click service surveys. Request and reward reviews. Track your customer service performance with every engagement.

Legal & Compliance

Mitigate the risk of legal action. Add personalised, timestamped legal disclaimer text to help protect your employees, business and brand.

HR & Internal Comms

Engage employees via internal email banner campaigns. Recruit, onboard and deliver training. Keep all your team informed, motivated and on-brand.

Compatible with all Email Clients

Simple to deploy, 100% secure and opening endless promotional opportunities, our email signature management software meets the needs of both IT and Marketing. The signature manager software is optimised for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Exchange and more, giving you complete email compatibility

Works within the same Azure Cloud environment as your Office 365. With complete central control, you can consistently deliver brand-compliant company-wide Office 365 email signatures.

Our Google Workspace email signature software for Gmail meets the highest industry security and compliance standards and is packed with feature functionality to deliver effective G Suite email signature management and marketing.

Fully compatible with hybrid Exchange/Office 365 environments so you can easily manage on-brand email signatures and transform every employee email into an engaging marketing channel.

Achieve brand consistency company wide with centralised control

Centrally create, update and manage all your company email signatures with our email branding software.
◙ Easily assign different email signatures to different departments.
◙ Populate all employee signatures automatically by synchronisation with your Active Directory.
◙ All employee signatures are 100% tamper-proof.

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